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Mariel And Robin Padilla Receives Praises On How They Treat Their Household Helpers

Some people always had this idea that celebrities and famous people in the showbiz industry have a poor treatment to people who were serving them.

Although there have been reports that some celebrities do treat their helpers indifferently, most of them are actually kind-hearted and consider their helpers as being a member of their family.

Robin and Mariel Padilla recently demonstrated a good example of how they handled their house helpers in a nicer way.


Celebrity couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez celebrate mother’s day with their house helpers.


The two did not fail  to honor and recognize those who have been helping them raise their two children.



This past Mother’s day, Robin and Mariel took the extra mile to recognize their helpers.

“Maligayang araw ng mga INA! Ate erna, Kumareng Analyn, Narcisa, Yaya jo, Belen, Elsie.”

“Napakasayang araw punong puno ng pagmamahal pahinga at pagkain Alhamdulillah,”





In the photos, their nannies are carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Mariel, for her part, wrote a caption honoring their kasambahays.

“Mother’s Day is my most favorite occasion of all!!! The most important one for me.”

“I have done many things in my life but being a mother is second to none.”

“Shared this day with my fellow nanays in our home.”

Upon giving of a bunch of flowers, Mariel together with her daughter greeted each and every one of their house helpers .

They started eating together at the small party dinner prepared by the celebrity couple.



All of them seem to enjoy the celebration.

The video just highlighted the true relationship between the stars and their helpers.


Even the couple’s family and friends seem together with their household workers. There was no sign of discourtesy among them.


Do you admired and inspired on how they treated their helpers?


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