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Liza Soberano Reveals Something About The Viral Swim Suit Scene In Make It With You

The newest project of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil is a sure hit among viewers.

A lot of their fans and supporters felt very delighted to see them together in their newest project in the Kapamilya network entitled “Make It With You”.

The comeback program of Liza and Enrique celebrated its second month last March 13. The program premiered last January 13.



In the start of the series, Liza portrays the role of Billy who dates with various men as her profession in Croatia.

Her new looks and colorful personality became an instant hit among the fans and viewers alike.




On the other hand, Enrique’s character is Gabo who plays the role of an immigrant.

He lived his in the streets of Dubrovnik as he struggles a lot in his everyday living.



Viewers find the the on and off-screen couple, Liza and Enrique similar to a scheming chameleon and a desperate runaway respectively.

As the story progress, the two slowly develop feelings for each other.



In one of their scenes that went viral, Liza amazes a lot of her fans and supporters as she flaunted her gorgeous and well-toned body with her floral bathing suit.

Her breathtaking figure received admiration here and there and became a trending topic for weeks.

We all agree that Liza have the face that will sail thousands ships.

That is why many are wondering if her face will have the same equivalent impact as her body.



Based by the comments, many had found Liza in bathing suit very pleasing to the eye.

Not to mention she is one of the Kapamilya stars who rarely shows in such attire.

Some of the viewers even hoped that the Kapamilya actress could have shown some more skin.

But still, the said scene garnered countless positive comments and reactions from the netizens.



However, it turned out that Liza did not like that scene so much.

As a matter of fact, she told a recent interview that she does not see herself showing too much skin in a bathing suit.

“Oh my gosh, I hate that scene. Coz I don’t like wearing swim suits. I really don’t wear swim suits kahit sa totoong buhay.”



“Coz I’m very conservative so I was very uncomfortable.”

“But of course, I had to do it for the show. So, I’m happy I kinda overcame that obstacle but I don’t think I would do it again,”



She also commented on the obvious “bakat” issue with Enrique Gil which also came from the same scene.

“Yes, ‘yung Felix, something like that,”

“Wala, hihihi. I showed him all the tweets, it’s funny.”

“I guess it’s flattering for Quen. Pero ako, parang nao-awkward ako pag binabasa ko.”

“But it’s cute. Lahat ng tao, natutuwa naman sa scene, so I’m really happy,”



LizQuen is delighted with the good reception of the viewers in their series because they have really prepared it.

“It feels really, really great. We’ve been working hard on this show. I mean, from Croatia, hanggang dito,”



Despite of this, fans and followers stated that it should not affect Liza’s overall career very much.



Her face and acting alone proves this as she is currently one of the most bankable actress we have today.

What do you think?


Written by AdMiN

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