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Sharon Cuneta Introduces Her US ARMY Soldier “Son” To The Public

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta is no stranger to this kind of family structure. Her relationship and family life is literally an open book for everyone to see.

Cuneta first tied the knot with the her fellow actor and matinee idol Gabby Concepcion in September 1984.




The couple became blessed with a daughter whom they named and know popularly known KC Concepcion, born in April 1985.

In But like most celebrity marriages, their relationship eventually fell apart.

The couple officially became ex-husband and ex-wife after their marriage became annulled in 1993.

Sharon then met the lawyer and politician Francis Pangilinan during her brother’s wedding.



Sources told that two began dating in 1994 and married two years later on April 1996.

The couple had 2 daughters and later had a son from adoption.


Recently, the 54 year old veteran actress made a buzz on social media after she introduced another member of their family.



She introduced her “son” Curtis Christopher Quirino Cuneta who currently works as a soldier for the United States.

Netizens immediately became intrigue about Sharon’s latest revelation and many had ask who’s the father of her “alleged son”.



The Megastar later explained that Curtis may not be her “son” biologically but nonetheless she treats him as one of her own.

The actress went on to explain that he is actually her brother’s fourth among 6 sons and a stepdaughter.



She told that considered Curtis as her son since she first met him when he was only four-months-old. Her nephew was born in the United States in December 1993.




Megastar Sharon Cuneta posted a photo of her together with a young pretty woman on her Instagram account.



Based on the caption, the woman is Korinne. She tagged her as her new “daughter-in-law”.



“I thank God that He chose you for my boy. It is so easy to love you!”

“Korinne, her new husband my (practically my own son) nephew, Kuya Chet’s son who is now proudly a soldier in the U.S. Army, Chris Cuneta and “Mama,”

What can you say?


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