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Remember The Actress Who Played Shan Cai’s BFF? Here’s What She Looks Now


Did you remember Meteor Garden, a phenomenal tv series from Taiwan that stars F4 namely Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, and Ken Chu together with Barbie Zhui?



Many remember the Meteor Garden series as of the most loved tv program of Taiwan. Here in Philippines, a lot Pinoy avid fans became hooked to the series during their original run.


Up until today and despite of a bunch of remakes, many who had watched the original series would agree that the 2001 version still holds the top position.





Among the lead stars, Rainie Yang became one of the supporting actresses.

She played the role of Xiao Yu, a simple yet charming girl best friend of Shan Cai. Although she did not have much exposure, many viewer can relate to her character.




Let us admit it, once in our lives, we had experience of becoming a sidekick to someone else.

Xiao Yu also played the part as the love interest of Ken Chu in the series. Their initial date which was originally a bet among the F4 member slowly flourish into something real.



And even though the ending of the series did not told how they ended up, viewers were very glad the Xiao Yu’s character at least one time hooked up with the of the members of the famous group.





After the series had ended, many have wondered what happened to her.

Actually,  after her stinted ended, Rainie continued on with her career. She now not only works as an actress but also as a singer and host. In fact, she released her tenth album not long ago.

“I have nine albums so far and the first thing that I think about is the hairstyle I’m having for it.”



Truly, Meteor garden became her stepping stone.

And although she did not land on the lead role initially, her exposure and experience from it paved way to more bigger opportunities.

Now, her gorgeous looks and talent actually made her into being cast as lead character.






Many netizens find her transformation stunning. Her new looks and transformation from a simple girl amazed both fans and non-fans of the series alike.

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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