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Viral Russian Nurse Who Wore Undergarment Under PPE Receives Offers To Become A Model

A few days ago, two images showing the nurse wearing only her undergarments beneath a see through ppe gown went viral.

Sources told that a C0VID19 patient took these images and uploaded it on social media.


The health professional on the pictures, Nurse Nadia, 23, recently received massive support following the event.



This immediately happened after her bosses on the said facility reportedly will have her suspended.

According to reports, d0ct0rs and other medics claimed that they experienced shortages of safe undergarments for use under protective gowns in the wards at Tula Regional Clinical H0spital.



Earlier, sources told that she said to the h0sp!tal bosses that it was ‘too hot’ to wear her protective gown.

She narrated that she did not realise how transparent the gown originally was.



After going viral, a surge of support from individuals and fellow health practitioners alike surfaced on social media.


They demand her supervisors to revoke the planned disciplinary action against her.



Tula regional governor Alexey Dyumin, also paid a personal visit to the 23-year-old medic after she was threatened of loosing her job.

A campaign was also launched against patients taking pictures of h0spital staff in wards.



And due to the recent uproar, their h0sp!tal boss Dr Anna Savishcheva told that they agreed not give her any disciplinary action anymore.

“We did not impose any disciplinary sanctions, in any case, written.

“The girl continues to work.

“This is a good employee, a professional, who provides medical care at a high level.”



An in a surprising turn of events, the Head of Miss X undergarment brand Anastasia Yakusheva told that they want Nurse Nadia to become a part of their company.

“We want the Tula nurse to become a model of our underwear brand.”




The nurse, who studied at Ryazan State Medical University, was reprimanded for ‘non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing’.

She has so far not commented on the said commotion.


What can you say?



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