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Netizens Called Out Comedian Pokwang Regarding Her Remarks About Mass Testing

Recently, a news regarding mass testing within the country made a public uproar and panic on social media.

As per Spox Harry Roque, the government had no current plans regarding the suggested mass testing to determine the spread of the c0vid19.




Instead, he told that the government currently implements and continuously improving an expanded targeted testing program to those who fit a certain criteria.

But before he could correct the news about it, several celebrities already had stated their two cents about the reportedly no planned mass testing on the country.



One of them is the actress comedian Pokwang.

Through her social media account, she expressed her disappointment regarding the news and stated that she cannot wait until the year 2022.

2022 is the year where the upcoming pres!dent!al elect!ion will take place.



Her strong words regarding the subject matter however, received mixed reactions from the netizens.


Some even went on and made the issue a bit personal as they criticize and bush the actress’ appearance.

In return, the comedian didn’t mind spending time on answering the negative comments of the netizens about her.

Pokwang then hit back saying that the basher shouldn’t look in the mirror so he can’t see an ugly monkey.



Afterward, Pokwang posted again that it seems like she is spitting some words against a basher who might be related to her.

“ang Pangit mo Pokwang! Bobo KA! mukha kang unggoy! epal ka!”

She went on saying, “di bale nang pangit di naman ako napatalsik sa work dahil sa dr*gs hahahhaa”


The comedian didn’t anticipate that more is yet to come.

It seems that the hate comments didn’t end there as she posted again in the middle of the night.

Some supporters of the g0vernment told that they go against Pokwang call for mass testing.

They stated several reason why such step would not be applicable on the current overall state of the country.



Another netizen also stated that even first world countries did not have a mass testing program themselves.

This is despite of their economical and technological advancement compared to other contries.


Written by AdMiN

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