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Grab Driver Recalls How Actor Jerome Ponce Treated Him

How far can you go to help a less fortunate stranger?

In the case of some celebrities, they do some charity works and donations. Some considers this act as a way of giving back for all the blessings they get.


Some of them do it publicly while other do these kinds acts  silently behind the camera.



For this 23-year-old actor, he and some of his celebrity friends gave a whopping 300 thousand pesos to a Grab driver who’s deeply in need that time for his h0spitalizati0n.



Kapamilya actor Jerome Ponce who became more popular after his remarkable acting on the previous primetime series, The Good Son, suddenly went viral.

A netizen posted on Twitter her conversation with a Grab driver who used to work for Jerome.



“Sumakay kami ng grab then suddenly nag kwento na yung driver sa buhay niya.”

“Amo ko si Jerome Ponce, nong na ospital ako tumulong siya sakin nag bigay siya ng” 300,000″.


“Nag bigay din si Janella, Loisa at Joshua”




The name of the Grab driver was never mention. Nonetheless, he clearly stated that Jerome helped him during the time of need.

The funny and remarkable thing about it was the actor didn’t hesitate to give him such a huge amount of money.




Together with his friends, they manage to contribute to donate such a huge amount of cash.

The netizen’s post garnered positive comments and expressed their admiration to the young celebrities with good hearts.



Jerome started gaining popularity when he starred in the hit TV series, “Be Careful With My Heart” alongside Janella Salvador.


Last December, he shared how thankful he is that he was able to finally buy a house for his family.


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