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Raffy Tulfo Airs His Sentiments Over Francis Leo Ramos Arrest

This past few months, there have been many issues that aired it may be in the internet or in the news.

One of the most talk about issue is the social media personality Francis Leo Marcos.


Several sources told that he is allegedly using another name.

Aside from that, he already has standing warrant of arrest for different cases.



Fellow social media personality and broadcaster Raffy Tulfo gave his blunt and honest comment regarding Marcos’ predicament.

According to him, a number of his viewers requested for his opinion about this matter.

Together with Atty. Garreth Tungol of ACT-CIS Partylist, Raffy Tulfo answered questions from the netizens.



Was it legal to arrest FLM using an arrest warrant which was filed last 2006?


Raffy Tulfo said that Francis Leo Marcos may have haters who wanted to bring him down, as such, those haters found an outstanding arrest warrant that they later submitted to the NBI.

He added that the National Bureau of Investigation was duty-bound to serve the said warrant, otherwise, the NBI would be “contempt of court” by the judge who issued the warrant. also, the NBI might face charges for “dereliction of duty”.



Why NBI didn’t search and arrest the suspect considering that the arrest warrant was already issued?

Raffy said that the NBI will research, conduct surveillance about the suspect’s whereabouts before arresting the suspect.

In this case, he added, Francis Leo Marcos was already a public figure because of his humanitarian actions. If the NBI didn’t serve the arrest warrant against Francis Leo Marcos, that’s where the “contempt of court” and “dereliction of duty” comes in.



Was Francis Leo Marcos Uses His Current Name As His Real Name?


Raffy Tulfo, citing an interview between the NBI and Francis Leo Marcos, suggested that the NBI may invite FLM’s mother in order to explain why her son was named Francis Leo Marcos.

After that, the NSO will then verify the identity of Francis Leo Marcos if it was his real name.



Most of us know by now how Francis Leo Marcos rose to fame. He went viral on social media after his massive donations to the affected Fililinos due to quarantine.

His actions, of course, received praises from many netizens.

A large portion of social media users expressed their gratitude to Marc0s for providing help during these trying times .



He then mentioned that many are questioning Francis where he got all the money he has been using for donations.

Tulfo then explained that BIR has the power to locate where his money are coming from.


On the other hand, it seems that Tulfo is giving his side to the latter.

“Anong pakialam ninyo kung saan galing ang pera niya? Kung siya’y namimigay ng tulong sa mga nangangailangan… so be it. Inggit lang kayo!”



But Tulfo set foot to the break as he said that the people also have their point.

And that’s NBI and BIR duty to investigate the whole story.



What can you say?




Written by AdMiN

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