Oceanographers Thought It Was An Oil Spill But They Were Amazed With What They Discovered

What would you do when you were enjoying the view and you accidentally saw a massive ‘oil spill’? Will you report it to the authorities or confirm it first?

The ocean is indeed filled with the many harmful aquatic creatures.


But these vast bodies of water doesn’t just contain the harmful ones.



They also sometimes hide some of the most amazing phenomenon in our planet.

This is what the people in California have witnessed back in 2014.

Off the coast of Scripps Pier in La Jolla, Calif., an unusual underwater activity baffled the scientists!



From afar, people have noticed dark splotches on the sea, which people have mistaken for a massive oil spill.

However, they were in disbelief when they realized that this is something more bizarre.




The footage that was taken on July 8, 2014, showed the massive ‘oil spill’.

It was also on that same year when the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, released an article.



They claimed that this is some sort of a behavior that only happens every 30 years.

It probably means that no one will be seeing such magnificent scenario until the year 2044.



As seen in the video, it’s far from being an oil spill!

The video showed a massive school of anchovy congregated in the shallow water.




Due to their density, they appeared to have created dark bands in the clear water.



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