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Feng Sui Expert And Astrologer Hanz Cua Responds To Criticism About His Properous 2020 Predictions

Some of us believes in the idea of lucky stars when it comes to the blessings and prosperity that comes our way.

A few even seeks guidance of Feng Sui or astrologers whenever they venture on a business or career. It is most common for these experts to provide predictions for the upcoming years.




Master Hanz made a prediction for the year 2020 saying that it would be a “prosperous and a lucky year” last December 2019.

According to him, the Year of the Metal Rat would bring luck since most elements are present.

However, these prediction made a sharp turn as we enter the year 2020.

Most people all around the world have experienced severe health and economic crisis due to the effects of c0r0navirus.

The disease also causes fear and panic to the public.



Here in our country, the people had already faced several challenges even before c0vid19 came around mid to late March.


Due to this, the astrologer received massive amount of criticisms from the online community.

Many agree that the ongoing situation is in complete contrast to what he had predicted.

Other even went to questioned his credibility as a Feng Sui expert and astrologer.





These statements appeared to had already reached Master Hanz. He told that the predictions would have became into reality if only c0vid19 did not came into the picture.

“Kung wala si C0VID19, magandang taon talaga.”

“E, dumating si C0VID, walang nakapaghanda.”

Hanz told that he did not find the comments offending.



He also explained that most Feng Shui experts in the country predicted that 2020 would be a good year.


“Yung mga bashing, hindi naman sila ganoon kagalit. Ang daming memes.

“I’m happy and glad naman kasi wala naman akong ginawang mali. Hindi naman tayo nanloko.

“Actually, hindi lang naman ako. Dahil lahat ng Feng Shui master sa Pilipinas, lahat ang sabi, ‘good year.’

“Hindi ko alam kung ako ba ang ginaya nila o kung parehas ang formula na ginamit namin,”



Cua also made a prediction for the upcoming months saying that more difficulties are expected as the country recovers from the effect of the pandemic. He also changed his prediction and said that 2020 would not be a good year.

“Ang prediction ko ngayon, hindi na maganda yung whole year na natin,”

“Ang problema natin after this pandemic, yung economy talaga. Marami ang mawawalan ng trabaho, maraming kompanya ang magsasara.”

“Hindi pa tapos ang taon, marami pa ang mangyayari.”



In the end, he stated that the predictions that are coming from people like him only serves a a guide. At the end of the day, the failure or success still relies on the individiual.

“Kaya nga ang palagi kong sinasabi sa Umagang Kay Ganda, ‘Muli po, ito ay patnubay lamang ni Master Hanz. Nasa inyong mga kamay nakasalalay ang inyong tagumpay.’

“Every morning, yun ang sinasabi ko.”

What can you say?


Written by AdMiN

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