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Randy Santiago Reveals What Really To His Left Eye

Randy Santiago, a Filipino comedian, actor, singer, director, producer, and a television host is the brother of director Rowell Santiago and actor Raymart Santiago.

He started his career by joining the Cicada Band touring club circuits in Manila, Singapore, and Malaysia during early 1980’s.



His musical talents brought him to the showbiz industry after he goes solo in 1986.

Randy’s signature glasses became one of his trademarks as an artist.


As he slowly rose to popularity, most people noticed that the actor never removed his sunglasses on-screen.



Here’s the true story of what really happened to his damage left eye.

When Randy guested on “Magandang Buhay,” he told the hosts what really happened. The singer and actor revealed that has a hard time opening his left eye.

Randy shared that it was caused by an unfortunate event when he was in grade school.




He revealed that a cyst formed above his left eye and he had no choice but to have it removed via a procedure.

Unfortunately, after a year, the cyst formed again after the first operation.

During the second procedure, the doctor unintentionally cut a vital part of his left eye.

This caused his left eye to function only half-open.



Despite the condition of his eyes, his classmates were very kind to him and that he did not need to wear sunglasses during that time.

Randy never experienced bullying in school and he expressed his gratitude towards his classmates and schoolmates for it.


What can you say?


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