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Sunshine Cruz Reveals The Names Of The Actors Who Courted Her In The Past

When it comes to Philippine showbiz, there are a lot of beautiful ladies in the industry. Many of them have been courted by their fellow showbiz men.

It can’t be denied that Sunshine Cruz is one of the female celebrities who have alluring beauty. That’s why many boys became captivated by her and eventually courted her.




But let us know how many boys did she busted back in her days. Surely, many of you are wondering because Sunshine is really one of the pretty ladies.

In an interview, Sunshine revealed the names of some famous handsome actors who courted her.



Number one on her list is Joko Diaz.

According to the actress, Joko courted her back then but instead of giving him false hope, she introduced Joko to one of her friends.



The next one is one of the most handsome actors until now, Tonton Gutierrez.

Sunshine shared that Tonton became in love with her so deeply back then.


It even came up to a point that he had her name inked on his chest.



But she was only 17 at that time so that’s why Sunshine busted him and focused on her career.

Because of this, Mother Lolit Solis, manager of Tonton, said to her that Tonton’s gesture was wasted because she just busted him.

Sunshine also mention the name  of Kempee De Leon.



It turns out that Kempee was one of her sincerest admirers because she declined him for many times. But Kempee still courted him anyway.

Following the list is Kier Legaspi.


Even Kier has the looks, Sunshine didn’t felt any spark so she also busted him.



From all of her admirers, Raymart Santiago was the one that she felt something.

But Raymart seemed to be fed up courting her because Sunshine always had her chaperon on their dates.



Lastly, her first boyfriend and became her husband, Cesar Montano.

We all know by now how it turned out between her and Cesar.



As of the moment, Sunshine is currently in relationship with Macky Mathay.

Hopefully she will find the happiness she missed all



What can you say?


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