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Look: This Is How Pia Guanio Treat Her Household Helper.

Treating your maid fairly will bring you a lot of benefits, both tangible and intangible.

It is, therefore, worth the effort on trying to make her employment with you a happy one.




Regardless of their background, we should treat maids with respect like any other persons.

You are indeed the boss and you should treat your maid in a way that you like your boss to treat you.



For some employers, household helpers are just plain and simple helpers.

But for Eat Bulaga host, Pia Guanio, she considers them as the angel of their house.



Pia had been with us a good decade. We know her as one of the mainstay host of noontime show “Eat Bulaga!,”.

She also works as the entertainment anchor of the news program “24 Oras”.


Truly,Guanio is the epitome of the career-driven woman who won’t let her personal life unhinge her concentration.



Recently, her household helper, Rodalyn Oliveros, joined the newest segment of Eat Bulaga, “Maid in the Philippines”.

Pia revealed that she enrolled her helper in a cooking class where Rodalyn can learn how to cook international dishes.



Oliveros happily shared how Pia and her businessman husband Steve Mago treated her so well.

It’s been two years when she got hired as the nanny for Guanio’s youngest child, Brooklyn.

And it changes a lot into her life.


Months after working she became all-around house helper of Guanio’s family.



Pia noticed that Rodalyn is a bright woman so she made her enroll a technical course in cooking to further enhance her cooking prowess.

She didn’t just enroll in a simple sooking course but where she’ll learn to cook international dishes as well. After finishing the course, she got her certificate.



Her blessing didn’t end here. She also gets to accompany Pia whenever the host goes travels abroad.

Rodalyn said that in her two years as Pia’s household helper, she had already traveled to Australia, Taiwan, and Hongkong.



Rodalyn used to work as a domestic helper in the Middle East and she’s very thankful that she’s now working for Pia and her family.

In this way, she doesn’t need to be a million miles away from her family.



Many other household helpers like her will truly agree that having Pia as her boss is indeed a blessing.

What can you say?


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