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Here’s How Judy Ann Santos’ Treats Her Fans Behind The Camera

Big names from show business are rarely seen alone in the public eye.

With their hordes of fans, it can be quite hard for these celebrities to go about their lives behind the camera.




For this, hiring a bodyguard has been a routine recourse for many stars. However, some opt to staying low-key.

Just as they did before entering the industry, many celebrities get around without VIP treatment. Such was the case for actress Judy Ann Santos.



In a video put up by the Youtube channel SHOWBIZNEST VIDEO, the ever so humble Judy Ann was seen making a trip to the mall with only the company of a friend.

Unlike other celebrities, the actress was obviously at ease even without personal guards surrounding her.



It was impossible for the common not to notice such a big name as Judy Ann.

Needless to say, fans grabbed the opportunity to take a photo upon spotting her alone.




Being the modest person that she is, the actress entertained all of them, even going as far as holding their cameras for them as they snapped a selfie.



The said clip easily went viral after garnering more than 1 million views.

Netizens were nothing but amazed with the show of humility by Judy Ann.



Many had renewed respect for the Kapamilya staple.


Watch the video below:


What can you say?


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