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Kara David Shares Her Most Embarrassing Moment As A Journalist

Working as a broadcaster requires nerves of steel to deliver the relevant news in the most serious tone as possible.

But just like any other job, journalist also have their fair share of embarrassing moment while on their field.

Former news anchor Kara David recently lighten up the social media as she revealed her probably most awkward experience as a news anchor.



According to her, the moment happened way back in 2001. During that time, she was assigned to conduct an interview with the p0litician and businessman Chavit Singson.


Kara also shared that she just recently gave birth to her daughter Julia around that time.



She narrated that she had this one on one interview with Chavit regarding the expose about former head of the state Joseph Estrada.

As per her accounts, Kara was already on the part of the interview where she was already asking hard pressing question to Chavit.



Then suddenly, out of the blue, Singson ask if she wants to go to the bathroom.


Kara answered she doesn’t need to during that moment.

But to her surprise, Chavit insisted that she should have a break.

The politician even offered her to use the nearest bathroom to them.



Kara reluctantly agreed. It was only then that she discovered that her milk had already ooze out of her clothes.

Likewise, Chavit most likely had felt to embarrassed and awkward as well to tell it directly to her.

According to Kara, even though it may be ’embarrassing’, she is proud of it.



She recalled that despite of her work, she preferred to have her daughter [email protected] during that time.

Nowadays, she cannot help but just burst into laughter whenever she recalls the probably most embarrassing moment in her career as a journalist.


What can you say?



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