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Meet Santino Rosales: The Equally Charming Model Son Of Actor Jericho Rosales

Being a parent and rearing up a child is such a beautiful thing.

Many would say its exasperating and stressful at times. But the love and satisfaction you receive could never measure anything else.



Parents become the child’s role model most of the time. The rewarding feeling of being a parent is endless.



Here is the son of a famous actor who did not pursue showbiz, or at least not yet. He however managed to make some noise in social media and publicly.



Jericho Rosales’ son Santino is not like his dad who constantly appears on television.




But at the age of 17, he has already entered the modeling industry. He is a member of the modeling organization Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP).



Santino has done shows for designers Chris Diaz and Philip Rodriguez at the Manila Fashion Festival.



For those who are not familiar with Santino, we have a few details for you. He is Rosales’ child with former model Kai Palomares.



Based on the boy’s Instagram account, he’s a varsity football player at Colegio San Agustin. He also plays football for Kaya Football Club.




His relationship with his celebrity dad is really commendable. Despite having an unusual set-up for a father and son, they both make sure to hang out frequently.



While Santino obviously loves fashion modeling, it appears he was influenced by his mother. Santino has a very close relationship to his mom, Kai.



According to him, it was her that influenced him to join the modelling industry.



Santino revealed the reason why he doesn’t want to follow his dad’s footsteps.



In his post via Instagram Story, the aspiring football star/model bluntly admitted that he has no passion for acting.



He is currently studying Interdisciplinary Business Studies at De La Salle University wants to focus on managing a business and pursuing a career in modeling in the future.


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