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Ellen Adarna Reveals The Qualities She’s Looking For In A Man

The name of the actress Ellen Adarna once again resurfaced after admitting that she went a strenuous mental training in Bali, Indonesia last March.

She added that the training under the Kokoro Program took 14 days days to complete.



According to the Ellen, she went through the program after she got diagnose with depressi0n, anxiety, at p0st-traumatic dis0rder.



With that said, netizens cannot help but think what kind of relationship the actress had with fellow actor John Lloyd Cruz.


In a question and answer portion she made on April 8, Ellen opened up and responded to her fans through social media.



One netizens asked what are the qualities that she is looking for in man.

According to Ellen, more than looks, she prefers a man who is much more mentally stable that her.



“Now at 32. If he is a man of his word…and routine…


“Kevs na sa face, toes, hands and height. [big face with tears emoji]”

“And plus 100billion points if he’s more mentally stable than me and he got his sh!t together.”

It was a few weeks ago when Ellen admitted herself that she had been suffering from depressi0n for three long years.

Another netizen asked who would she rather choose, a physically fit but immature guy or a fat but mature one.

Ellen in return, did not pick any of the choices. She added that she would rather be all by herself.



“Better alone than unhappy and unsatisfied.”

“Im fine. Thank you.”

When asked what would be for her the best love advise, Ellen gave a rather meaningful answer.

“love cant stand alone.”

Ellen’s most recent relationship was with the premiere 36 year old actor  John Lloyd Cruz.

Their relationship lasted two years.

They have a son, Elias Modesto, who is celebrating his second birthday in June.



In a report by in August 2019, a source said that before Elijah celebrated his first birthday in June 2019, Ellen and John Lloyd were separated.

According to the source, the status of the former live-in is just co-parenting.

Another source said Ellen could no longer afford to be “too weird” for the actor.



According to the Philippine Star Today report, in 2019, Ellen had just woken up one day and said she didn’t want the actor, so she broke up.

There has been no direct statement from Ellen and John Lloyd about their separation.

But Ellen answered some netizens who asked if they indeed have already broken up



If you understand the actress’ answers well, it is clear they now went their separate ways.


Written by AdMiN

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