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Female netizen arrested after doing this to a stationed quarantine officer

The government recently encourage the majority of the people to stay indoors to prevent the spread of c0r0navirus (C0VID19) within the country.

However, the ongoing enhanced community quarantine allowed several essential personnel to deploy as they act as a vital part of containing the crisis.

The government allowed front liners such as health care workers and p0licemen and s0ldiers to resume their daily task.




Nurses and d0ct0rs attend and cater their patients while men in uniform guard on their designated checkpoints.

They also provided delivery men a pass to ensure the continuous supply essential goods to the community.



Meanwhile, there are ungrateful residents who express hatred towards their strict implementation of said orders.

Authorities incarcerated a lady netizen after she disrespects and badmouth a front liner s0ldier on social media for not letting her pass.



On Facebook, a lady netizen named Jamellah Mamaril Duatin-Orzame received criticisms after posting disrespectful words at a front liner soldier.



In the photos, she condemned a P0lice Staff Sergeant Rogelio Palad, Jr. y Baldonado. According to her post, he prevented her in passing the checkpoint.




She expressed her rant on social media as she curses the officer. Jamellah even wished Palad’s family to become infected with C0VID19.



It did not took long before the post reached Rogelio through a message from friends and family.

As a result, the officer immediately went and reported what happened.

The screenshots Jamellah’s posts is more than enough for the authorities to release an order for her arrest.



With the help of Moncada Municipal P0lice Station they managed to apprehend Jamellah.

They found her in her address in Barangay Salcedo, San Manuel, Tarlac, according to the report.




They then had her taken to the San Manuel Municipal P0lice Station and then to the Moncada Municipal P0lice Station for proper investigation, documentation and proper disposition.



Jamellah now faces charges of violating Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code (Disobedience to an Agent of Person in Authority); Article 148 (Direct Assault against an Officer) and Cyber Libel are being prepared by p0lice to be filed in court.

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Written by AdMiN

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