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On Monday night of March 16, the government implemented “enhanced community quarantine” in Luzon.

They already suspended jobs in the public and private sectors with the exception of the skeletal work force. Mass transportations such as trains, buses, taxis, and jeepneys also cease to flow.



The government implemented the order in Luzon to contain the spread of C0VID19.

Certain parameters had already took effect to make sure that people will stay home until the situation becomes better.

Each days the number of confirmed cases continues to rise. As of writing DOH already confirmed a total of 380 C0VID19 cases around the country.




The number of individuals who came in contact with these individuals is yet to be established.

The Department of Health (DOH) established a triage system for C0VID19. This classify individuals based on the exhibited symptoms. They also included one’s travel history and more importantly if they came in contact with those confirmed cases.

These individuals will immediately be classified as either a person under monitoring (PUM) or a patient under investigation (PUI).



A PUM refers to one with no symptoms but has had a history of travel to China in the past 14 days.


A PUI on the other hand, refers to one with symptoms such as fever, c0ld, and c0ugh and has a history of travel to China in the past 14 days.

With the numbers increasing each day, many had wondered how much will it really cost someone if they became a PUI or PUM.



Recently, one netizen has voiced her concern regarding the hospital fees of a PUI. According to her post, the subject became admitted for 5 days.



In her post, the netizen asked the online community for clarifications regarding the matter

Twitter user @pukindness has recently shared her concerns about the h0spital fees a C0VID19 PUI needs to pay. She said that the facility had the patient admitted for five days.



@pukindness also told that the information came friend of hers whose father became admitted at a well known tertiary medical facility in Quezon City.



She also shared that the the medical facility had charged the PUI for expenses that should not have been in the list of fees.

Several netizens advised the upload that it would be best for her friend to clarify the h0spital bill to the cashier.



Others meanwhile felt stunned on how expensive it is to be admitted for C0VID19.



One netizen, however, pointed out that the post itself is inappropriate. He told that it may hurt the good reputation of the said medical facility.



If this is how expensive it is to actually treat a C0VID19 person under investigation, many will now thinks twice in breaking the enhanced community quarantine.

What can you say?




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