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Young Woman Under The Effects Of Anesthesia Proposes To Her H0t Male Nurse

Many videos of people saying things or doing things they wouldn’t normally say and do are posted in YouTube.

Thankfully when these amazing and hilarious things happen, somebody is there to film everything.

Out of all the videos we found on YouTube, this one may be a contender for the cutest mishap due to anesthesia.


This can either be intentional, or maybe we’ve had too many cocktails to drink, or sometimes when we just got off of anesthesia and we still feel groggy.

An unnamed girl just came from procedure for her broken arm. They were warned that the medicati0n that the doctors will give her will have side effects. Maybe that’s why they were ready to film the whole thing.



The hilarious video shows the unnamed girl still loopy and groggy from the anesthesia, but because she realized her nurse is hot, she immediately lighted up and proposed to him.

Patient: “I love you so much.”

Nurse Luke: “Well, thank you.”

Patient: “You should love me too!”

Luke, the h0t nurse, behave professionally and handled the situation very classy manner. He would answer the girl, and then talk to the one taking the video.

The nurse tries to respectfully calm her down but then again she just won’t stop

Nurse Luke:’We just met today,’ and comically

Patient: ‘I know but we’re getting married.


Grabbing ‘Luke’ by the hand the young girl stares lovingly into his eyes.


Patient: ‘I think we should get maaaaaarrried!’

Patient:  ‘We’d be the cutest couple ever… Luke I love you, you’re the cutest little guy around,’

Luke even predicted that the video might go viral, which it did do, no doubt about that.

Nurse Luke: “You’re going to have fun watching this later”

The video then immediately went viral shortly after it surfaced online. And it did not took too long before it reached Nurse Luke and eventually, he gave his side of the story.

He told that what happened to the young woman is not new specially in medical facilities.


“Honestly, it’s basically an everyday thing. I’ve just never had someone film before.

“I had to go through a lot of channels to make sure that it was appropriate because the patient posted it all over social media.”


“Then it was forgotten about because it happened months and months ago. then someone I haven’t spoken to in years messaged me with a link! lol.”

“It’s all over, youtube, ellentube and now apparently reddit. Life is weird. The internet is weird. Weird is good.”

The young woman who’s named Paris Ferguson later made a video herself as a response. She provided some details on what happened on that fateful date and of course her reaction to the viral footage.

Unfortunately they did not get married. But who knows, when she turns 18 or something, there might be a part two for this one of cutest couple ever.

What do you think?


Written by AdMiN


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