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These Celebrities Almost L0st Everything And Had To Ask For Help From Other Artists

Being an actor cannot be called a permanent job. Many of the famous ones suddenly disappeared in the light.

Many were wealthy but eventually experience hardships and struggles greatly. This is after they l0st their possessions from the showbiz industry due to their own reasons.



Artists make money from their shows, endorsements and other projects. Celebrities and actresses earn a lot more money, especially if they are popular at the box office.


Here are some of the celebrities who used to be famous and wealthy but are now in poverty.




BB. Gandanghari or Rustom Casiño Padilla is a Pinoy trans. Previously, he was an actor and director.




According to his younger brother Robin Padilla, he is now an Uber driver in America.




Deborah Sun was a famous acrobat in the ’80s. It was 2015 when she admitted in an interview that she was facing a difficult life.



She then disappeared after being involved in illicit substance that changed her life forever.




Mystica was a popular singer in her day. She produces known songs and used to earn as much as P150,000 monthly.




She also owned a hotel and several properties including a car. But after a few years, everything disappeared like a bubble.

As a result, she experience the hardships of life and was forced to seek help from his fellow artists.




Jake Zyrus or better known by her former name Charice Pempengco has gained not only fame here in the country but also in the international scene because of his singing talent.

She eventually transitioned from a woman to a man



According to reports, Jake underwent expensive procedures which in turn caused him to be in debt. All her properties that she used to own according to reports had already been disappeared.



All the aforementioned artists rose to fame and prosperity during their time. Unfortunately, this did not last long and they were forced to seek financial help from their neighbors.



May this be a lesson to many who should be careful about making life decisions because we do not know what will happen in the future.


Written by AdMiN

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