Meet Robin Padilla’s Gorgeous Eldest Daughter. Camille Orosa.

Kapamilya actor Robin Padilla is undeniably one of the hottest veteran actors the show business ever had probably.

Being the sought-after leading man that he is ever since he surely got a bunch of leading ladies then.

And one of whom is the former actress who is now living in the US, Leah Orosa. Orosa was his leading lady in the 1990 film “Sa Diyos lang ako susuko”.



It was decades back when former actress Leah Orosa and Filipino TV and movie veteran Robin Padilla started dating. However, they broke up afterward and then married other partners. Before that, Orosa gave birth to Padilla’s eldest daughter, Camille Orosa.

Camille Orosa has been stunning netizens with her gorgeous looks and pretty selfies as she grows up to be a true celebrity daughter who has a potential on the big screen.

Camille is based in the US  with her mother. But she always gets it to the point to visit her father here in the Philippines. Previously ever, she surprised her father when she came country after some time then, of not seeing him.

Robin and wife Mariel Rodriguez visit Camille in the US every now and then.

Despite their distances, Camille and Robin never failed to still get in touch and be close to each other. In fact, she considers Mariel Rodriguez as her “other mom” and glue that binds their family together.

Camille is currently taking her Masters in Data Science and working as a digital marketing manager. According to her Instagram post, it was her dad, Robin, who encouraged and helped her enroll for the degree.


Robin’s daughter is indeed growing up as an amazing lady and they say her looks resemble Kim Kardashian. But sorry guys, this stunner is already in a relationship with Uzair Saeed.

Gorgeous genes really run in their blood.



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