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Paul Jake Castillo Gives A Daunting Response To Netizen Who Called His Son Ugly

The social media world has its own ups and downs. The fast paced technology allows us to to instantly connect to the people who matters to us the most. 



However, the same kind of technology makes each and everyone of us prone to harsh reactions and comments that at times uncalled for.



It is common for personalities and celebrities to receive criticisms online. Whether true or not, some people made crude remarks in exchange for a 5 minute of fame at the expense of these celebrities.




Most of the time, stars just shrug off the unsavory comments they get on social media. But in some cases, there are people who cross the line when it comes to criticizing celebrities.



There have been some instances when a celebrity’s personal life is being dragged in an issue.



When this happens, a star had no other choice but to speak up. This is exactly what happened to Kapamilya actor Paul Jake Castillo.



The former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate is now happily married with Kaye Abad. The two of them left showbiz for good to open up a business in Cebu City.



Soon enough, they were blessed with a bundle of joy, their first-born son. The couple welcomed their eldest child last  December of 2017.




On Instagram, the actor often shares daily snippets of their life. From simple happenings to his extreme sports adventure, Jake use this avenue for personal use and to connect to his fans.




But since this is the internet, we cannot expect to receive positive feedbacks all the time. Recently, a critic left an unsavory comment on Paul Jake’s update.

This happened after Jake posted a picture of him and his son as they arrived to attend a mass.



The netizen who probably has nothing good to say at all targeted Jake’s son and made fun of his appearance. The guy blatantly called the innocent kid ugly.



For most parents, this should already trigger a retaliatory response. But Paul Jake Castillo did something else

Instead of lashing out against the critic, Paul Jake remained cool as he left a response.


“Hahaha. Well that’s your own opinion. Hahaha. Kita kits.”


Many of his fans also came to the rescue of their idol. On the other hand, many people also applauded Paul Jake’s classy response to this netizen.




Indeed, as the old adage goes, you can’t fight fire with fire. They also denounce the rude remark this guy made to Paul Jake’s innocent son.





But one social media user made a discovery upon checking the man who bashed the child. Upon checking, it seems that the guy had already deactivated his account.



He also speculated that Jake might have already trace him. This probably made Jake said “kita-kits” or “I’ll see you” as his response.



We do not exactly know how it ended but one thing is for sure, Jake’s response simply showed how smart and well educated enough to stoop to the level of that netizen.




Written by AdMiN

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