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Netizens Express Outrage After Some Owners Dispatch Their Furry Pets In A Harsh Manner

It seems like whatever problems we humans face, our furry friends will always have to endure too.

We do understand tons of people became alarmed amidst the on going coronavirus outbreak. However, it does not justify the act of dispatching our pets without any solid proof.



According to source, several owners in China had removed their pets completely out of their lives. They did this harsh act after an expert said that animals can contact the illness too.



The alarm and agitation to some people reached another level after Dr Li Lanjuan, an expert epidemi0l0gist and physician from the country, released a statement.



Reports told that she originally said that if a pet has come in contact with a person with the virus, the pet should be quarantined, just to be safe.




“Owners need to strengthen the management of pets. If pets became exposed to the outbreaks and patients, they (pets) also need to be quarantined.”



But some took her safety advise a bit too far. Alarmed individuals appeared to never considered isolating their pets and instead took them out once and for all.



Some pet owners allegedly threw their furry ones out of their high rise apartment windows after receiving unconfirmed reports that pets can spread the coronavirus too.

Images of life less cats and dogs recently surfaced on social media stirred netizens all over internet.



This sparked outrage throughout social media. Many expressed their wish to the owners to spare their pets




The World Health Organisation said on 28th January 2020 that at this point in time, it is not clear if the coronavirus “has any impact on the health of animals and no particular event has been reported in any species.”



As of now, no such cases of pets being infected with the Wuhan coronavirus has been reported, according to Newsweek.




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