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Two Coronavirus Patients Reportedly Recovers And Discharged From Medical Facility

The massive outbreak of the coronavirus has placed the entire world on alarm for the past several days.



Reports told that recent China’s viral outbreak had already claimed the lives of around 80.  While the reported case had already reach 2,300 as of date.



The epidemic spreading like wildfire force chinese scientists to races againts time.  Either find a cure or a vaccine to control the outbreak.

Just when when many think all had become hopeless, China might have just found the solution.



The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission has “claimed” to have “cured” their first patient since the beginning of the outbreak.




In a report published by Star, a 56-year-old woman identified as Chen, had completely improved her condition. They then had her discharged from the hospital.



The management done by Chinese doctors included a miraculous HIV wonder drug. The said medication had “somewhat successfully” stopped the spread of the illness to cells.



The results came from a previous trial run. The study concluded that the drug known as, “Nelfinavir”, could allegedly “decrease the production of virus from cells.”



The cured patient began to demonstrate significant improvements in her respiratory system. Results of CT scans and two independent bl00d tests showed that the patient became free from the coronavirus.




Chen her herself initially admitted to the medical facility on 12th January after she felt flu-like symptoms on 10th January. The patient resides at  Wuhan where the new breed Coronavirus originated from.



The state own television network group, CGTN  reported another case of recovery. A 46 year old man became the first patient in East China’s Zhejiang Province recover from similar kind of sickness.



The Wuhan resident, identified as Yang, left the medical facility after undergoing treatment for a week.



In Wuhan itself, the government had began building facilities to cater the high demand of contaminated patients.



They expect the medical facility dedicated solely to treat coronavirus patients up and running by next week.



Bloomberg also reported that Beijing officials with China’s National Health Commission recommends two HIV medications. They advised these regimen to treat pneumonia symptoms of the coronavirus.



Health officials said there’s no known cure for the flu-like sickness. But they noted that the symptoms can be adressed as the scientists are racing to figure out a vaccine.






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