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Patient With Fever Removes Mask Of Nurse And Spits At Her Face

Everyone now fears of getting contacted with the coronavirus. Most people had not taken careful precautions to make sure that they stay safe. More and more people came out positive for the virus.



Reports told that the outbreak already took the lives of more than 20 people so far. Staff in the medical facility now acts as the front lines of this latest outbreak that now reached global scale.



Despite of harm brought about by their work, they still tirelessly do their best to help others.



A medical staff told her friend that she encountered a patient who had fever in the medical facility. In response, she kindly gave him a mask to prevent cross contamination with other patients.




“There are many sick people in the facility. Since you are sick and your immune system is weak now so here’s a mask for you to wear to stop you from getting sicker.”

But instead of thanking her, he man went crazy and threw a fit after she gave him the mask.



“I’m already sick, what’s the use of wearing a mask now?”

Her kind act seemed to upset the man .He then stood up and pulled off the mask from the medical staff and spitted at her.


“If I can’t live anymore then you cannot to!” 


Sources said that the man became angry due to the insufficient medical resources. The nurse told her friend that she cried for the first time in her career.



Her colleagues had no other choice  but to have her quarantined after that. She remained optimistic and said that the man who spat at her might just be having a normal fever.




In addition, there was also a viral post circulating on Weibo. It said that a doctor in Wuhan had a similar experience. Apparently, the doctor said that a patient’s family became upset and tore off the doctor’s protective clothing.


“Why are you wearing protective gear? If I’m going to perish then we will all perish together!”


Netizens were in disbelief when they saw this and criticized these ungrateful patients.



They said that we should appreciate what the medical staff is doing for us and said that this was a seriously bad attitude.



Some interviews told that several medical staff had already expressed their fears working in the front line of the outbreak as the cases of patients continues to rise day by day.






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