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Parents Allegedly Left Kids At Airport And Boarded The Plane In China During Outbreak

Parents by instinct will do anything for their children. It is an innate characteristic among people to safeguard their kids from any potential harm. In extreme situations, parents are expected to place the wellbeing of their children above anything else.



A witness account has alleged that two parents abandoned their child at an airport in China. This happened amid the confusion of the coronavirus outbreak.



Source told that at least 830 people had tested positive to have contracted the mysterious virus in China. The records shows that the those who lost their lives had already reach a high number of 26.



The authorities had yet to declare a public health crisis. Yet, source told that hysteria had already set in around the world as the number of cases continue to rise.




For these parents, it appears it may have got the better of them. A social media user wrote online about witnessing a child left alone at Nanjing Lukou International Airport.



As per his account,  the child apparently had a fever. This prompted personnel to stop him the child boarding the flight.



The young boy’s dad in response told them that he wasn’t sic. But the staff stood by their decision to refuse the poor young boy a pass through.



This lead to the parents and airport crew arguing at the boarding gate for three hours. The scene they made caused serious delays for other passengers.




Eventually, according to the Weibo user, the parents choose to board the plane. They left the feverish boy and his sibling alone at the airport. This left the staff to take care of them in their parents’ absence.



The Chinese authorities now implemented a locked down for more than 11 million people in the city of Wuhan. Nine other cities in the Hubei province also iniatiated the same rules later on.



The World Health Organisation (WHO) explains that ‘coronaviruses belongs to a large family of viruses that cause sickness.



These ranges from the common cold to more severe conditions. However, the current coronavirus appears as a variant of a previously unidentified strain.



Reports told that the virus already made its presence world wide. Similar cases alread popped up in other places outside China: South Korea, Japan and the US have confirmed cases.


Grabe na ang nangyayari sa kanila.

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