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Experts Told That The New Coronav!rus Might Came From Chinese From Wuhan Eating Exotic Food

Experts may have found the source of the new coronavlrus from Wuhan, China. According to Reuters, the latest global outbreak may have originated from a market that illicitly selling wildlife.



The director-general of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the new vlrus resembles almost 70% similarity to the SARS vlrus. SARS for those who do not know originated from bats.



Scientists have speculated that bats could also be the source of the new coronavlrus. Experts have suggested that bats could host the vlrus. Their hypothesis seem to came after photos of Wuhan residents eating bat soup emerged online.



Although it is uncertain how the vlrus has spread between humans and bats, they do, however, believe that “there may be an unknown intermediate”.




This is where bat soup comes into play as the Chinese delicacy in the Wuhan province is widely consumed by residents.



Experts confirmed that SARS vlrus of 2003 came from bats. Due to these findings, the Chinese government urged citizens to stop eating bats and wild animals.


原來真係有人食蝙蝠🤢#武漢肺炎源頭舟山蝙蝠 #食野味害死人

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However, it seems the practice managed to continue up to this very day.



Reports told that sellers would catch at least 500 bats each time they travel to a remote area. This is because bats have very little meat in them.




Some rich people have even purchased 2,000 bats to eat, which brings light on how easily the coronavlrus was able to spread among humans.



As of now, China has confirmed 571 cases of the vlrus and with alteast 17 reported casualtiles. . We really hope scientists and experts will find a way to stop this vlrus from spreading further.

But latest reports speculated that the new coronavlrus  could have originated not from bats but from snakes.



This is because researchers found that the protein codes in the vlrus are similar to that of snakes.

Snakes often hunt for bats in wild. Reports indicate that snakes were sold in the local seafood market in Wuhan.



This raised the possibility that the 2019-nCoV might have jumped from the host species – bats – to snakes and then to humans at the beginning of this coronavlrus outbreak.


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