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1 Year Old Toddler Had Chopsticks Stuck In Her Mouth After Fall

Feeding young children is never easy. Kids nowadays tend to move a around especially when they’re at the table for a meal. Parents most of the time have to chase after them to feed them while they roam around the room.



Although its difficult to have them sit still while eating, we should always keep in mind their safety as they explore the area around them.


A year and a half year old toddler from from China couldn’t sit still at a meal one morning. The young girl left her seat to walk around after one of her parents fed her a bite.



According to source,  she had just learned how to walk. The toddler had barely mastered her balance due to her age.



She was just running around like any other one-year-old would. But her happy playtime had a rather unfortunate turn of events. Her parents miss out the chopstick she held on her hand.



The toddler played around with it and it did not took long before she stumbled and fell to the floor. This made the chopstick she was holding enter her mouth and pierce through her brain. The girl burst into tears while almost half the length of the chopstick became dislodge inside her mouth.



Her family distraught by the scene immediately brought her to the medical facility where they did a CT scan on her.



The physician then arranged for her to undergo an procedure to remove the object.  During the process, they found that 2 centimeters of the chopstick had entered the girl’s brain.




Additionally, the specialist said that the chopsticks had pierced the girl’s internal jugular vein. To make matters worst, they discovered several rice grains on the chopstick.



Fortunately, the chopsticks did not enter too far into the girl’s brain. The procedure went out successfully.



The little girl currently stays in the intensive care unit as they monitor her for any signs of intracranial infecti0n.



Cases of children having a sharp object stuck inside their mouth seems to be common nowadays. Several scenarios where it kids require medical assistance due to these kind of mishap had been documented.



The was even a case where in a child had her toothbrush stuck inside her mouth after she fell from the bed. Th poor girl had been jumping off the bed while brushing her teeth.


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