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Delivery Boy Left In Tears In The Middle Of The Rain After Client Refuse to Receive Food Order

A lot of people had grown took a liking of online shopping nowadays. After all, it’s really easy and comfortable. You can choose your favorite items from home and it will get delivered to you within a few days. Not to mention the fact that some sites also provide the facility of return and exchange.



Online shopping has given a great opportunity to various businesses to flourish. Likewise, it has really made shopping easy for all of us.




But there’s another side to it which you may not have thought upon. It’s the deliveryman who travels in every kind of season and situation to bring to you your parcel on time. Sometimes, some of us fail to give them the respect they deserve.



We everyday face the grueling traffic conditions of the road in the Metro. That’s a fact. But despite of these, many of these men tried their best to make it on time and hand over the things that we’ve ordered



In the past few months, social media had witnessed several cases of these unsung heroes taken for granted by the very customers they vowed to service. Some customers, like the one below, do not mind making them wait in the middle of the scorching heat of the sun.



While others made fun of them. One teenage age girl even committed distasteful pranks where in they will order a bunch of items only to cancel them later on.



Karma immediately catches on this young woman as authorities was able to identify her.



They consequently reported what she did to her parents and both parties came into a just settlement.




The Facebook page “Mystery Portal” has recently shared another heart wrenching story of delivery service. Images showed a delivery boy beside the road after his customer allegedly refused to accept the order.



According to the post, the delivery personnel arrived late due to the heavy downpour of rain. Safety is one of the things that these riders need to consider not only for them, but for your parcel as well.



Unfortunately, the client failed to understand the rider’s situation and blatantly refused to receive its order. As unfair as it seems, the ending will not be in favor of the delivery guy. As per company’s guidelines, the bill would be eventually deducted from the employee’s salary.



We do understand that delivering orders on time is very important. However, many of us also needs to learn that some factors needs to be considered. Sometimes all we need is to have ears that are willing to listen and and heart that is ready to understand.


Written by AdMiN

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