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Plain Looking Woman Becomes A Hot Housewife With The Help Of His Cosmetic Specialist HusbandSurgeon

Many would say that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, an old saying that proves true to the most of us. But what if those eyes belongs to a man who’s main job is to make people look gorgeous and pretty?



A couple recently hit headlines because of, many would say, an unusual relationship. Phillip Kraft met his wife Anna back in 1995. Despite of his work, the two believe it was love at first sight.




They soon married and Phillip started his business as a cosmetic specialist in Miami. At first, Anna  felt uninterested in cosmetic procedures. But after the birth of first child, she became pretty upset by the changes to her body.



A few years later, the couple welcomed their second boy. The succeeding changes from her second pregnancy finally pushed Anna to have a second look at his husband’s offer.



During their 21 years of marriage, Anna has undergone every cosmetic enhancement his husband can offer. Phillip did several improvement to his wife that included chest enlargement, liposuction, enhancements of her backside, waist to abdominal reshaping.



As years goes by, he even included botox and cheek and lip fillers to rejuvenated Anna’s facial features.

“Phillip likes to remake the sports cars, our furniture and most of all me. He even made me press six pack.”



Today, the 47 year old Phillip runs a famous and successful cosmetic enhancement center in the same city. Anna on the other hands works as his chief exemplar. He even boast his crafts by making a model of his now very pretty wife.



“I always tell my clients that if they want to know how Im a good plastic specialist, let take a look at my wife.”



He believes that after his adjustments his wife looks even more beautiful than the day they met when she was 22 years old.




Anna says she will let anyone else come close to her face or body apart from her husband. She feels more gorgeous than ever and of course, she got them all done for free.



While many might question the ethical part of it, Anna says it’s like getting braces or getting your hair done. She says that she is okay with anything that improves her natural appearance and makes her feel better in her skin.


Written by AdMiN

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