Man Who Identified Himself As A Doctor Threatens To Sue A Child Who Allegedly Scratched Him Inside A Bus

Commuting on a daily basis offers a wide variety of experience to most people. We often encounter people with different attitudes from all walks of life during our travel. As an individual sharing a common form of transport, we should learn to adjust in different kinds of situation. This allows us maintain a harmonious environment with our fellow commuters.



Heavy traffic still poses a big problem on our public road nowadays. Due to this, majority of people prefer utilizing public vehicles as the primary mode of transportation. Buses for example, provides a more convenient means of travel for many of us. Besides riding a jeep, taking the bus is one of the most popular public utility vehicles across Metro Manila.




Most of the time, travelling via bus provides a hassle free experience of transport from one point to another. But there are rare cases where in commuters might experience discomfort and inconvenience with their fellow passengers during their travel. Authorities advise passengers to extend their patience and observe maximum tolerance to each other.



Recently, the Facebook page “Trending & funny Pinoy today” shared a footage of one of those unpleasant experience while commuting. A man who identified himself a doctor became infuriated after a kid accidentally scratched him while walking inside the bus.



The young kid unintentionally touched and scratched the alleged doctor as they looked for any available seats. The post claims that this made the man mad and confronted and allegedly insulted the family over the incident. The passengers inside the bus even tried to control the situation.



The elders who came with the kid tried to deescalate the situation by apologizing to the man. But instead of calming down, the alleged doctor continued on and even threaten to sue the child. The situation immediately escalated as shown on the video.


"DOKTOR NA NAGASGASAN NG BATA SA BUS, MAGDEDEMANDA DAW"Sa unahan banda ng bus nakaupo ang doktor. May sumakay na isang pamilya. Pagpasok ng batang babae na may bag sa harapan nya nagasgasan nya yung doktor daw na nakasalamin at nakasumbrero. Sa bandang likuran ng bus umupo yung pamilya.Si kuyang doktor kinausap ang kundoktor, sinisigaw nya na idedemanda nya daw yung nakagasgas sakanya, papaluin nya daw ng bote. Tumayo sya at dumiretso sa bandang likuran. Kinumpronta nya yung bata na nakagasgas sakanya. Sumisigaw sya at sinabihan nya yung batang babae na idedemanda nya. Humingi ng pasensya yung pamilya dahil hindi naman sinasadya ng bata pero ayaw nya tanggapin. Sabi nya "gusto ko demandahan, doktor ako!" Paulit ulit nya sinabing doktor sya. Hinawakan sya ni nanay at humihingi ng pasensya. Sagot nya "hwag mo kong hawakan, baka may germs ka".Patuloy pa rin humingi ng pasensya ang pamilya pero ang sagot ng doktor "sana nag grab nalang kayo pra di kayo nakakaabala"Sabi ng doktor magbarangayan nalang daw sila. Kinukuha nya mga ID ng pamilya para dahil magdedemanda daw sya. Bumaba na daw sila para mademanda nya yung pamilya.Sa patuloy na pangungutya ng doktor sakanila, isa sa pamilya ang sumagot at hindi na nakapagtimpi "sige bumaba na tayo, magbarangayan na tayo, hindi kami natatakot sayo". Tumayo na ang pamilya, nagkasigawan na sila ng doktor, yung batang babae umiiyak na rin dahil sa takot, sa murang edad madedemanda pa, dahil sa hindi sinasadyang nagasgasan nya ang braso ng doktor. Pati ibang pasahero nakisali na rin, pinapababa na yung doktor. Pero ayaw ng doktor, bakit daw sya bababa. Eh nung una sya naman ang may gustong bumaba at magbarangayan. Hanggang sa nakababa na yung pamilya at napilitan na rin bumaba yung doktor dahil nagagalit na rin ang ibang pasahero dahil sa inasta ng doktor.Di namin navideohan yung unang nangyari. Huli na nung naisipan naming videohan pero sana makatulong itong video kung matuloy man ang demandahan nila.Pakishare nalang po para makarating sa pamilya. Salamat po.Around Commonwealth po ito nangyare, 9:30pm, January 2, 2020.ctto

Posted by Trending & funny Pinoy today on Thursday, January 2, 2020


In the end, the family decided to get off the bus because of the unpleasant experience. Due to the kind of attitude he showed, several of passengers urged the doctor to get off as well. He initially refused to do so but later on obliged as the tension once again started to rise.



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