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Solenn Heussaff does the water broke prank on husband Nico Bolzico

Actress and model Solenn Heussaff finally got the chance to get even with her husband, Nico Bolzico.




It can be recalled that Bolzico pulled a prank on his wife back in 2017. He filled Heussaff ‘s hair dryer with powder.



Nico went even further a few months later when crept up and surprised Solenn as she read a letter in their living room.


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Last night bored waiting for Wifezilla Step by step (watch video before reading) 1- Call wife, ask at what time she will be home, tell her you will arrive 30 min later than her and mentioned you left an envelope w a document for her to read. 2- Expect her to be between 20 to 30 minutes late. 2- Dress like icecream man to blend. 3- Put some balls deodorand coz after 10 min you will sweat like a fake witness, remember "you are NOT at home" so no aircon 4- Turn off the lights, "you are NOT home" 5- make sure she is not holding any solid object that can turn into a weapon. 6- Apologize inmediatelly after her reaction. 7- Have a plan B in case point 6 doesnt work. 8- Buy confy pillows for the dog house. Note: this video was executed by professionals under a very controled enviroment, we do NOT reccomend you do this at home, wifezillas' reactions are unpredictable and damages can be irreparables. #captioneffordlevelbatman #wifezillaseries #probablythelastprankofourmarriage #sorrynotsosorryIamactuallyverysorry #ripnico #prankchallenge

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Solenn indeed took her sweet time to get her revenge. The long time of wait proved to be worth it.

Heussaff, now in the final months of her pregnancy decided to take advantage of her situation to pull a prank on her husband. The actress and model is expected to give birth in January.



“So I’m bored and it’s payback time for all the time Nico pranked me. He’s watching TV downstairs and I’m going to pretend my water broke,”



Solenn proceed to set up the camera. She then spilled some water on the floor to replicate the scene of a pregnant woman’s water breaking. Once every was setup, Solenn then made a loud scream as she called her husband’s name.



Bolzico immediately went to her wife upon hearing her and became startled with what he saw.




Clueless about the prank, he then rushed upstairs to gather the things that they need to the hospital.



Heussaff trying to control herself, then burst out of laughter upon seeing Nico’s frantic state.



Realizing that everything was nothing but a trick, her husband fell on his knees with a sigh of relief. The two then hugged each other for a good prank well done.



Bolzico said he knew his wife would eventually get her revenge. But he never imagine it would be about actual due date of Solenn.



“I knew that one day @solenn was going to get her revenge for all the times I pranked her, but I never expected to be today, in our 37th week of pregnancy, our actual due date!”

He added that he realized he’s “completely useless on times of emergency”. He also mention the need to be more prepared when the actual day comes.


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