A Little Girl’s Cute Rant Due To Water Shortage Trends On Social Media

Most people would say it is better to have no electricity, than to have no water at home. Especially when the weather is just as hot and humid as we are today. Recent water shortage did made an impact to the society. No one expected such problem particularly when we are in the winter months.



Limited water supply is a real problem for us today. In some cases others are forced to look for other resources or wait for rations due to the intermittent delay.




A little girl recently made rounds online after she poked fun of the current water crisis. She made a short video clip to air her complaints and grievances. But despite her obvious disappointment her manner  of speaking and delivery had won so many hearts of the netizens.



The young lad used different accents in a very amusing way. Many who have watched her cute rant cannot help but play the video over and over again. Although her complaint is very serious, she remained polite that left viewers still smiling.



A lot of people was able to relate to the little girl’s banter. Water shortage in reality is no laughing matter to be honest. Many people from all walks of life rely on a steady  water supplies to do their daily activities.




Written by AdMiN

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