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Lover Boy Falls As He Tries To Escape His Affair’s Husband

If you’re the kind of man who’s going to get it off with someone else’s wife, you need to prepare for bad things to happen. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. But if you’re going to do it, you need an exit plan, a rather safe one as well.



In the video stunned bystanders scream as man tries to hide by dangling from the fourth-floor window. A few second went by before he dramatically fell into the rubbish bins on the ground below.


The footage surfaced to social media and quickly went viral. Many believed the unbelievable clip to have originated from China.



Online reports claim the unfortunate escapee had been enjoying a saucy liaison in the building with someone else’s wife. But their happy stolen moments immediately ended when the man of the house came home.



The video begins showing the  male wearing nothing but his birthday suit clinging onto the windowsill while looking for a foothold. The clip then cuts to a different angle.



The completely unclothed man continues to dangle from the window. Without notice, he then suddenly loses his grasp allowing gravity to take it’s course.



Onlookers shout in disbelief as he smashes onto a rubbish bin on the pavement below.


Naging Tarzan si kuya, kabit pa more!#Cheater

Posted by Secret Files on Wednesday, November 28, 2018


The rubbish bins splattered by the sheer weight of the guy. The impact threw trash and litter in the air. But it may well have saved the man cushioning his impact before he hits the concrete.



Tamang tama binagsakan, basurahan! 😂#Cheater

Posted by Secret Files on Wednesday, November 28, 2018


According to source, although his fall had been halted, many believed the man endured a sprained spine after what happened.




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