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Onesie That Acts As A Mop Receives Hilarious Review From Netizens

The world is full of the most hilarious and outrageous inventions. Many of them you can buy online.  Thanks to the technology of the internet, people now have access to these nifty products anytime, anywhere.



Keeping the house clean all time can sometimes be very tiring. With the busy lifestyle everyone have nowadays, many chooses to seek assistance of household help to do the chores.




These kind of workload multiplies exponentially specially for people who have kids. One company however, invented one of the most hilarious product that allow children to take part in maintaining the cleanliness at home.



A German based company not long ago introduced a unique clothing line for your little ones. They fondly call it the “Babymop”.



According to the item’s advertising, their product allows a perfect way to utilize your child’s mobility to help out with daily chores. The suit also acts as a protection with the soft brushes padding your child’s elbows and knees.



The garment originally came in sizes to fit toddlers from 8 to 12 months of age. But considering that some infants undergoes their miles stones faster than other, they made some adjustments to the available sizes.



The company now caters to babies 3-6 months and 6-9 months of age. These new sizes now takes advantages of some babies rolling around the floor. The ingenious product starts at $30 and interested consumers can avail it through Amazon.



Interestingly, the funny idea seemed to be a rehash of an old item featured in Japan in 99′.




Some people took the item seriously. They advocate the value of allowing even the smallest members of the family to learn the importance of cleaning up and doing chores.






However,  majority of netizens found it hilarious and took it even further by making hilarious reviews.




Written by AdMiN

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