Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla Shares A touching Photo With Her Husband Robin Padilla Who Looks So Emotional.

Like when she gave birth to Isabella in the US two years ago, Mariel Rodriguez will do the same for her and husband Robin Padilla’s second baby (another girl). But also like three years ago, Robin won’t be with Mariel because he hasn’t been issued a US visa.

Although she is now staying in the US, Mariel always keeps her followers updated on her current status.

She is a very happy and proud mom, as she well documents her pregnancy journey and gladly sharing it with her followers on social media.

Just recently, Mariel Padilla shared a touching photo of her talking to her husband on the phone. She shared a glimpse of her growing baby bump which is due to pop in a few weeks.


She shared that she is currently on her 38th week. A full-term pregnancy usually ends on the 39th or the 40th week.

In a photo she shared, she was brushing her teeth while Robin looked emotional.

“38 weeks!!!! I was brushing my teeth hehe btw, part 2 of my “Day In My Life” vlog will be uploaded on my YouTube channel at 9pm Manila time will put link on my bio” she wrote in her caption.

Mariel flew to the US a few weeks ago to prepare for her second daughter whom they named Gabriela.


In a previous interview, Asked why she has decided to give birth in the US again, Mariel said, “I want to be able to give my baby the same attention I gave Isabella when I gave birth to her.  I was 100 percent with Isabella, so I want to give the same peaceful atmosphere for our new baby. No one will bother us, no one will visit us. You know what I mean? So I want to be able to give her that.” she answered.

Apparently, according to Robin, even though he can’t be with his wife during the delivery, he is happy because he knows Mariel and their baby is safe in the US.

What can you say?


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