Meet Jayda, The Equally Beautiful And Talented Daughter Of Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado.

Having Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado as parents will no doubt lead you right smack into the colorful world of music.

These musical legends in the Philippine industry have contributed so much to what OPM currently is, their iconic songs that will be forever sung in the karaoke are proof. But their greatest legacy will be their daughter, Janelle Amanda ‘Jayda’ Avanzado.

Meet Jayda, the little girl with powerful pipes!

At just 16-year-old, she’s already performing and opening for international singers.


She was the opening act for Niall Horan’s concert in Manila last year.

Jayda’s also a hardcore Directioner so this was a really big deal for her.

She revealed that it was her dream to be a known singer. “As weird as it sounds, I think my most unforgettable performance yet was my 9th birthday concert, despite not doing so good in the vocal department (very cringe-worthy I must say), Looking back, that’s when I realized how much I want this so bad. I remember thinking, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Jayda said.

Jayda released her first EP called In My Room last year, featuring tracks such as “Breathless,” “Coffee,” and “You’ll Be Mine.”


Now, the young singer is making her own name as she shares her talent in Kapamilya’s Sunday musical variety show, ‘ASAP’.

More than Jayda’s future in the music industry, she has also shared her love for her parents and their tight-knit bond. Browsing through her Instagram profile, cute photos and videos of her with Jessa and Dingdong will surface and you can’t help but double-click it.

Aside from having a powerful voice, Jayda is also fearless when it comes to fashion.

She keeps an account on YouTube named “Just Jayda” where she shares her covers and personal vlogs.

Jayda is definitely a rising star, don’t you think so?



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