An Old Man Saved A Huge Amount Of 10 Peso Coins To Buy A Brand New Motorcycle

Have you ever experienced that you want something really bad but you can’t afford it? And after how many days or weeks that you saved money for it you felt that you don’t need it anymore?

Meet Rodrigo M. Cosio, an impressive old chap from Dumangas, Iloilo that went viral because of his exceptional patience to save for 2 years to buy his Brand-new motorcycle in CASH! Not only Rodrigo is patient, but also wise too! Because buying motorcycle in installment plan leaves you a more expensive unit than buying it straight cash!

The old man proved to everyone that if you want something, you have to work hard for it even if it requires years of waiting.

His story was shared on Facebook by Angel Gel Azarb.


“2 years siya nag ipon para mag karoon nang motor!! slamat sir Rodrigo M.Cosio yawan man kmi isip sa CASH mo. hehe #nag ipon nag ka RUSI.? hmbal ni sir hehe?Rusi Dumangas OUTLET located @Brgy. Tabucan Dumangas Iloilo.”

According to her post, Tatay Rodrigo was able to save his 10 peso coins for the past 2 years.

The uploader was greatly impressed at how the old man was able to achieve his saving goal, that’s why she has decided to share it on social media.

By looking at the photos, the staff seems to have a bit of a hard time counting all the 10 peso coins that Tatay Rodrigo uses to pay for his motorcycle, but they had fun doing it because they were all inspired by him.


It is indeed an inspiration especially for the younger generation who are very impulsive when buying random stuff that they don’t really need.

This is also a reminder to us that we don’t need to be in debt to acquire things in life.



Source: biztalkph


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