Kapuso Actress Kyline Alcantara Promotes Self-Love On Her Lenghty Instagram Post.

Celebrities are always in the limelight, and thanks to social media, they’re more in touch with us ~regular peeps~ more than ever. But while we enjoy getting real-time updates of what’s going on in their lives via Insta, this also has a bad side to it.

Some people will really look for flaws in everything they do or upload. This is why some choose to make their Instagram accounts well-curated and avoid posting too much personal content. So, it’s always refreshing to see when someone gets real and opens up about their struggles in their personal life.

While the public has grown used to seeing actors and actresses look polished and perfect in public, teen actress Kyline Alcantara chose to reveal her skin problems.

Alcantara, 17, posted on Instagram yesterday, Oct. 7, pictures of her with no makeup on, baring her cheeks and forehead marked with acne.


Part of Kyline’s post says: “Imagine, people, are always expecting you to be at your best, to look perfect, to look like the polished girl that they always see in TV and magazines, but you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror.”

“I was judged, I was bashed and teased for putting too much makeup (people telling me na ang kapal ng makeup mo pero puro ka pa tigyawat) during that time but what they don’t know is makeup na lang ‘yong kakampi ko noon,” Kyline added.

She then advised her followers to not let their imperfections define them, saying: “Accept your uniqueness and use it to your own advantage and represent yourself proudly through it.”

Alcantara continued promoting self-love and raising awareness about having different skin types.


“To tell you—yes, you! Who is having a hard time with your breakout, your excess weight, your unruly hair, your uneven skin, your bucky teeth, your stretch marks and scars na that’s okay. Don’t stress yourself over something to be perfect because it will not come.”

She ended her post by encouraging everyone to accept and embrace their flaws and opened up that even celebrities like her have their days too and shared the importance of loving yourself, “Have confidence and love yourself. For our Creator loves you! Yes, you, the unique you.”

Kyline received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement in the comments section. As of writing, the post now has over four thousand comments.

Later on, the singer posted another selfie that shows her skin now, which has fully covered from acne. “My skin is fine now. I surpassed the breakout stage, and if I can, syempre ikaw din! Salamat sa lahat ng messages ninyo nakakataba ng puso. Mahal ko din kayong lahat,” her caption reads.

Being able to accept your flaws is a brave thing to do and we gotta say, we’re proud of you, Kyline!

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