Claudine Barretto reveals how her sister Gretchen Treats Her These Past Years

It turned out that the celebrity actress Claudine Barretto had been in talks with her sister, Gretchen Barretto, for whom she had been struggling for several years.

In an article in Metro Magazine, Claudine shared how her sister actually treats her. She told that her sister Gretchen, and her partner Tonyboy Cojuangco is helping her raise her children today.

Here is Claudine’s statement in an interview with Metro Magazine. “For the longest time, I was doing it single-handedly. But thank God, I have Gretchen in my life now and Dada (Gretchen’s partner, Tonyboy Cojuangco) and her family and her friends to help me raise my children. Hindi ako nahihiya magsabi na she’s helping me raise my children.”

In fact, the two became closer to each other after what they had been through. It is true that nothing could be further from your family and that no matter how difficult and difficult the journey may be, all will eventually be well.


Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto or better known as Claudine Barretto is a 40 year old actress, product endorser and entrepreneur. He first starred in 1992 on the ABS-CBN youth-oriented variety show “The TV”.

She later became a part of a comedy sitcom called “Home Along Da Riles” which had a 1993 movie that also made his film debut. His first television drama, “Mula sa Puso” in 1997, lasted for three years and really hit the hearts of many Filipinos.

She married actor Raymart Santiago in March 2006 but also divorced in 2013. They were blessed with two children Sabina and Santino Santiago. It was 2015 when Claudine adopted a child named Quia Barretto.

Ang sweet naman pala <3

Ang sweet naman pala <3

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