Jennica Garcia Together With Husband Alwyn Uytingco Finds Joy Living The Simple Life In Province.

Do you remember the daughter of Jean Garcia in the showbiz industry? Are you curious to know her life now after leaving the showbiz along with her celebrity husband Alwyn Uytingco?

Away from showbiz, Jennica Garcia finds joy in her simple life with family.

From a full-time actress, Jennica Garcia Uytingco is now a full-time mom.

Her first daughter, Mori, is now four years old while her second child is Alessi.


Jennica’s love for parenting urged her to share her knowledge with others. She holds the Facebook page “Kalinga ni Nanay” parenting classes that aim to teach parents different ways on how to raise their children properly. It strives to teach parents to create a “healthy and positive home environment that encourages your child to follow you with LOVE.”

The page is the way for Jennica to share a bit from her daily family life. She conducted workshops on potty training, the power of play and healing through storytelling with other people.

During Mori’s first year, Jennica did everything at home including washing the cloth diapers. The time they spent together allowed her to discover more about her daughter like at 9 months, Mori knows already how to use the toilet, and starting to walk already.

Jennica also emphasized the need for kids to play outside and get dirty. That’s why as parents, they don’t kick up a fuss whenever Mori gets a scratch on her.


Jennica also gave emphasis to her no to “PLASTIC AND/OR BATTERY OPERATED TOYS (AND HIGH-END CLOTHES)” rule since they wanted their daughter to learn the value of simplicity.

With her newfound advocacy, Jennica is 100 percent supported by her loving husband, Alwyn Uytingco. The two have been married for nine years now.

For Mori’s birthday, Alwyn gave her two bags of plant boxes, organic soil, and herbs to plant. The father-daughter tandem bonds overwatering the plants and gardening.

What can you say about this? Do you also want to spend a simple life with your children in the province? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.


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