2 years and counting, Meet Paulo Avelino’s real-life leading lady

The showbiz industry is a world full of beautiful people, physically and internally.

But not all this ‘beautiful human’ are luckily found their life real-life partner yet. What happens is they will give most of their time on their work, or will much focus on finding the love they want.

There are some who are blessed enough to have both career and love life at the same time.

Just like the General’s Daughter star Paulo Avelino who is indeed one of the most in-demand actors today in ABS-CBN.


Paulo’s most recent TV project is the top-rating TV series, The General’s Daughter which is ended last Friday. Aside from this, he also appeared in several movies already. The most recent was GOYO, where he starred and played the main role.

News also came that he is now doing a new movie called “Fan Girl” to be showing this year, but no other details about this movie were released until now.

Apparently, Paulo is not just lucky and blessed to have a very promising career. The actor is also happy with her real-life leading lady, Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek.

This Filipina-Australian beauty is a model and TV host. Although with her beauty, Paulo’s girlfriend appeared to be an “introvert-extrovert.” A quite shy in front of many people and cameras.


In July 2017, Paulo ended all speculations when he confirmed that he and Jodie are in a relationship without spilling when exactly they started to make it official between them. Paulo met Jodie through a common friend and noted that Jodie’s simplicity is what attracted him the most.

Prior to his confirmation, Paulo already featured Jodie on his Instagram posts. One is a video of him giving Jodie a Filipino language tutorial, which was admired by so many netizens on social media.

Jodie was born and raised by her Filipino mother and her Polish father in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She took a Psychology degree but in the midst of her academic journey, she suddenly felt some kind of longing to do more things in life. Jodie knew she had more to offer the world, so she decided to fly back to her mother’s homeland. Her adventure that was supposed to last for just a month extended to years.

Currently, aside from modeling, Jodie is an MTV VJ/host. She also describes herself as an avid reader and a gamer. A really interesting one!

Based on Paulo’s social media account, who can see how happy they are in their relationship. The actor is indeed very blessed.

What can you say?


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