Robin Padilla Slams Basher Who Criticized His Wife Mariel Padilla For Wanting To Give Birth In The US

Robin Padilla is known for being the most famous action star of the Philippine cinema.
Despite his bad-boy image in his roles, he is a loving father to his children and husband to his wife Mariel Rodriguez.

Although they tend to receive criticism for being a public figure, there are times that they can’t control their emotions and unfortunately fights back for their right as a human.

This is what happened recently to Robin Padilla, who gushed over a negative comment pertaining to her wife and soon to be born child. Robin Padilla lost his cool after reading the comments of a netizen.

It was just last week when a random user on Instagram criticized Mariel Rodriguez for choosing to give birth in the US.
Rodriguez gave an update about her pregnancy last Saturday, Sept. 28, days after she flew to the US to prepare for the delivery of their second child.


“Another update is her head is now down getting ready for delivery,” she said in her Instagram post on Saturday. “[Please] pray with me I really want to push for another vaginal birth Enjoying the last stretch of my pregnancy.” Mariel captioned her Instagram post. (insert ig post)

Many of her fans wished her well, but one Instagram user, a certain @georg_supreme, did not seem to be in favor of Rodriguez’s giving birth in the US.

The netizen, addressing US President Donald Trump’s Instagram account (@realdonaldtrump), pointed out that Rodriguez only goes to the US to give birth. He/she added that it made Rodriguez a “birther,” and that it was not allowed.

She was called out for being “hypocritical” considering how much her husband, Robin Padilla, has been preaching nowadays about the importance of nationalism, especially among young people.


And while Rodriguez appeared happy to just ignore the threats of being reported to officials for allegedly her illegal practice of going to the US just to give birth (their first child was also born in the US), Padilla was not about to let it slide.

He denied the illegality of their decision to have their baby born in the US as Rodriguez is an American citizen, and that he supposedly has a Native American lineage.

He also argued that having the baby born as a Filipino-American does not mean that they are turning their back on the Philippines.

It is unclear whether the follower actually lives in the US, or if he is a Filipino.

Rodriguez flew to the US earlier last month, saying that their decision to have their second baby born in the US is “what’s best for our children.”

She first revealed her second pregnancy last May.

As of this writing, Mariel Padilla already took off the comment section on her said post.

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