This Kid who brings sock mom to school receives help after going viral

We heard a lot of touching stories about mom doing all the best she can to comfort and takes care of her child. However, a child doing such big things at a young age is much more heart-breaking.

11-year-old kids are supposed to be playing after school as a part of their childhood. But there are some children taking big responsibility and sacrifices even at a young age.

Just like this little boy named John Mark Nasih from Caloocan, who lives with his ailing mother, Alma. His mom is sick and has symptoms similar to cerebral palsy. This makes it difficult to walk and move normally.

Alma said, “Nagising na po ako at hindi na po ako makalakad. Siyempre nakikisama na po ako sa mga kamag-anak ko, siyempre po wala na pong nag-aalaga sa akin.”


Since then, John Mark has been his mother’s guiding light as he bathes, fed and took care of her. Despite the huge responsibility given to him, John Mark knows he has dreams to fulfill so he still goes to school every day. Since no one would take care of Alma, the dutiful son would bring along her mother to school with him.

Every morning, John Mark would help her mother to her wheelchair as they go the 30-minute walk going to school. Once in school, John Mark would leave Alma outside the school canteen. There, Alma would wait for 6 hours until a teacher who later on became her friend would visit and give her food.

Teacher Felissa Bragado shares, “Binibigyan ko na ng pagkain si Alma. Best friends na nga kami niyan.”

John Mark’s father died of dengue back in 2008. Since then, the mother and son had been going through great lengths to survive. They would sell collectibles to buy food. If worse comes to worst, they would ask for alms and visit orphanages for help.


As for John Mark, he hopes to be a doctor someday and help cure his mother. Her mother, on the other hand, couldn’t be prouder.

She said, “Ang gusto ko lang ay makapasok sa eskuwela ang anak ko at makatapos lang siya sa kolehiyo para hindi na siya mahihirapan paglaki niya. ‘Yun lang din po ang pangarap ko sa kanya. Hindi habambuhay na nandito ako.”

A concerned citizen took a photo of them as they were heading to school and posted it on social media. Thanks to that viral photo, the famous public service program of GMA, “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” noticed them.

They also receives many help from the netizens. Mark would receive a scholarship and school supplies from Young Acheiver’s School of Caloocan as well as a bike that would make it easier for him to bring his mother everywhere.

A mother’s love is really unconditional, but a child’s love for his mother is much more incomparable.

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