Mga Nanay na walang trabaho at nasa bahay lamang, Mabibigyan ng P2,000 Na Allowance Kada Buwan!

Staying at home to raise the kids, not to mention run the household, is a massive sacrifice that moms would not hesitate to take on. It’s a tough job — even harder than going to work — that moms half-jokingly say they deserve to be paid for it. Now, a bill has been filed in Congress that seeks to compensate stay-at-home moms for their unpaid work in the household.

A bill filed in the House of Representatives seeks to give a monthly allowance or compensation to mothers who are left at home to take care of their young children.

Under House Bill 8875 filed by Albay Representative Joey Salceda, women with at least one child under 12 years old and living under the poverty line will receive a P2,000 monthly compensation. In addition, he claimed that this bill also seeks to acknowledge that housewives also partake in the country’s economic activities.

These women will receive compensation until they either graduate from poverty or no longer have children under 12.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), together with the concerned LGUs, shall be the implementer of the Act.

In his explanatory note, Salceda explained, “Some studies show that if we quantify the work of stay-at-home women, it approximates the work of ‘kasambahay’ or housemaids, thus housewives also deserve to get paid at least what a ‘kasambahay’ earns.”

“It is time to appreciate their worth and contribution in nation-building,” Salceda said. “It is time to make payment for their housework and give them wages for the work they continue to bear out at home.”

To receive compensation, the SAHM must meet the following requirements:


The child or children in the family must be enrolled in a public school, attending at least 85 percent of the school year’s classes
The child or children must exhibit responsible behavior
The family attends a quarterly barangay assembly on empowering members of the family to be responsible members of the community.

The bill pegs the total annual cost of such assistance program for stay-at-home women from poor families at P35 billion — P32 billion for married women, P3 billion for single mothers, and the rest to widows, divorcees, and other women.

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