Heart Evangelista Showcase Her Luxurious Hermes Placemats, Elicits Various Reactions From Netizens

Heart Evangelista is known as one of the female celebrities in the Philippines who have a remarkable sense of style. Her ability to be stylish does not just end to her clothes, shoes, and accessories but also to the things she is using in her house.

She is no stranger to high-end luxury brands which are constantly seen on her social media accounts. However, her latest video on her YouTube channel stirred the online community when fans noticed the brand of her placemats.

After her trending “corned beef OOTD” last year, which generated a lot of memes on the internet, Heart was once again the talk of the town when she showcased her “china room,” where she stores her silverware and other dining accessories.

Heart showed a set of Hermes paper placemats which costs $130 each or 6,746.00 in Philippine peso per set as seen in their website.


Heart has quite a few orange boxes at one side of her China Room where she keeps her expensive and not so expensive dining sets. Inside the orange boxes are her collection of Hermes paper placemats with different designs. Checking the site of TheRealReal that is selling the placemats from the French brand, each set is worth $245 or around P12,803.

“To those of you who are watching with your Hermes paper placemats, you can actually have them laminated. You don’t have to be afraid of the red wine or the oil and you could just keep reusing them,” the actress shared.

Netizens were quick to share their jokes and memes on Evangelista’s luxurious tablewares.
Here are some of their reactions to Heart’s video:

“My gosh, iyung isang plato ni Heart Evangelista isang buwang sahod ko na.”


“Everytime I watch a Heart Evangelista video, I feel significantly poorer with each passing minute. Like, she really looked into the camera talking to me as if I too had Hermès plates.”

“‘Yung teacups, placemats and plates ni Miss Heart Evangelista ay Hermes. I have stage 4 poverty.”


“I love that even though they’re rich, she appreciates and takes care of the expensive items she buys.”

“When Heart said, I got these from Hermes and Haute Manila. Me was like, I got mine from Super 8 Grocery and Puregold. HAHAHAHA.”

“Heart got her plates from Hermes and French plate designers. I got mine from freebies of Knorr Sinigang Mix, bowls from Maggi Noodles, and cups from Kopiko Black. I felt so poor. Lol!”

Watch her video below:

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Source: ABS-CBN


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