Inspiring single mom sends son to Med School by selling fish in the market

Although life is tough, this wouldn’t be a hindrance for some people to pursue their dreams.

What more it can be harder for a parent raising her child alone, this woman is indeed tougher.

For Nanita Ronquillo, she was willing to do anything to make sure her son, John Nico Ronquillo could achieve a better life.

She left her husband when she discovered that he has a new family. Without asking for his help, she raised her son, John Nico Ronquillo, by selling fish in the market. The job was physically demanding and smelly, yet she was more than willing to do anything to send her son to school and provide him a better life.


Her typical day includes her staying back at the market if there is still a lot of fish left to be sold, sometimes as late as 5 or 6 pm. Then, she will return home and come back to the market at 5 am the following morning.

“Kahit anong mangyari, tayong dalawa, magtutulungan tayo. Kung ano man mga pangarap mo, maabot mo,” she would often tell her son.

While Nanay Nanita often earns Php1,000 a day, there are times when she doesn’t earn much. Moreover, she has a heart problem, leading to difficulties in her physically demanding job; yet she always pushed Nico to go to school and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.


Because they didn’t have a lot of money, there were times when Nico had to quit school to find a job. This led to him completing the 4-year course in 6 years, but he also understands all the sacrifices his mother makes; thus, he does not complain about it. Instead, he does his best to help her out, dreaming that one day he could make her life more comfortable.


“Kahit na may pagkakataon na ako mismo, suko na ako sa pag-aaral ko, andyan siya para sabihin na tuloy lang kaming dalawa,” he shared.

“Simula pa noong bata hanggang lumaki na ako ng ganito hanggang sa maging doctor ako, hindi niya ako binitawan.”

Now, John her son plans to do his best as a doctor and to give his mother the life she deserves.

Thank you Nanay Nanita for the inspiring story.

Source: buzzooks


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