Kapuso Stars Derek Ramsay And Andrea Torres Confirms The Status Of Their Relationship.

The Better Woman costars Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres have seemed to be cozying up to one another lately that fans are beginning to wonder what the real score truly is between them.

The rumors started to surface after Andrea went with Derek on a trip to Shanghai where she watched him in a Frisbee competition, the 2019 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships.

Derek’s breakup with long-time partner Joanne Villablanca shocked many people, especially their fans who have been expecting them to tie the knot soon. The hints that Joanne posted about the alleged third party added heat to the controversy. She also shared an intriguing post after Derek publicly admitted their separation.

Along with this, some showbiz fans also speculated that he is getting intimate with his leading lady in the TV series. However, Andrea Torres said that she expected that her name will be dragged into the issue because she is now working with Derek.


“We’re more than friends.”

This was how Derek Ramsay confirmed his real relationship with his The Better Woman leading lady Andrea Torres.

Derek and Andrea were interviewed by members of the entertainment press and were confronted to answer if they are officially together.

While they seem to evade putting a label in their off-screen romance, there were things the two Kapuso stars can easily admit.


Derek had no hesitations in confirming that Andrea is the better woman.

Meanwhile, Andrea refers to him as “the closest guy to me right now.”

The actor also shared how their closeness had led to include their families as well.

He said, “We’re happy together… That’s already on the table.

“We both enjoy being with each other, whether it’s at work.

“We’re at the stage na we both have feelings for each other, na it’s not just we’re both physically attracted.

“It’s deeper than that in the sense na she has met my parents, I’ve met her parents, our parents have met.” He continued.

On the other hand, Andrea said that she found Derek as boyfriend material.

The couple has yet to confirm the status of their relationship, however.

Derek’s last girlfriend had been Joanne Villablanca. They were together for four years before separating in June 2019.


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