A Man In Sultan Kudarat Marries Two Bride At The Same Time.

There will come a point in our lives that we would be able to find that one person who is worth giving up the world for. A person whom you are willing to leave the world of singlehood behind and eventually settle down with for the remainder of your life. That day would be when you enter marriage with that one. But that isn’t the case for a man from Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. He has two marriages to juggle.

A Muslim man named Razul Timbukong was forced to marry two women at the same time.

Razul Timbukong, 22, and Jarah Mendoza Labangin, 20, of Barangay Sampao in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat have been long-time lovers when they decided to finally tie the knot. But while they were making preparations for the big day, 24-year-old Thelma Guipal entered the scene.

Guipal came and claimed that Timbukong also asked her hand for marriage and none of the soon-to-be wives of the latter wanted to back out.


Not only that, as soon as Labangin’s parents heard about the situation their daughter was in, they were furious. Quite frankly, whose parents wouldn’t be mad at a son-in-law who wouldn’t put their daughter first? But Timbukon finds a way to fix the problem, he would marry both girls at the same time. Since they are Muslims, their religion grants men the freedom to have more than one wife as long as he is able to provide for all. This occasion made such a fuss though because it is such a rare event for a man to marry girls at the same time! That must have made a really long invitation list.

Finally, they were able to exchange vows in a Muslim wedding.

The newlywed settled under one roof. However, one of the brides left and stayed overseas for good and reportedly hasn’t returned yet.


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